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What People Are Saying About TADA!


The TADA Theatre

"Behind the success of TADA has been a great deal of hard work and community support. This innovative organization strengthens the entire arts community. - Former Mayor Chris Beutler


TADA Productions and Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau

"TADA Productions remains an outstanding asset in our community and offers wonderful entertainment and variety for those living in Lincoln and in the state of Nebraska." - Jeff Maul, Executive Director Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Bard of Blood

"When I wrote Bard of Blood, I thought it was good. The smartest thing I did was have Robert Rook's direction and the talented actors of The TADA Theatre Company present the world premiere. They made it sooooooo much better. In TV, movie and films, I am a writer/director/producer and normally based in Hollywood.  Hollywood is where the best talent is supposed to be. I am sorry that many of the people here haven’t had the privilege of seeing the talent and professionalism in Lincoln at TADA.  I have seldom seen a company as talented and caring about the work.  At the same time, they really enjoy what they are doing as they bring the arts to the community. It is a privilege to be considered part of their company." - Lloyd J. Schwartz, Playwright and Producer of The Brady Bunch

The Spidey Project

"TADA's premiere of The Spidey Project was expertly done and hilarious beginning to end! Seeing what Bob Rook and his excellent cast brought to the show was more than I ever hoped for. Broadway may be in New York, but these guys show that Lincoln is a heavyweight for musical theatre." 

- Justin Moran, Creator of The Spidey Project

Evil Dead The Musical

"In addition to the well-rounded talent of the entire cast, the set and production were excellent and worked very well in the space that the theatre occupies. Evil Dead makes for a hilarious night perfect for the Halloween season. - Stephan Laboy, Lincoln Journal Star

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

TADA's production of the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was one of the best community musical productions I have ever attended! I have not laughed that much out loud in a long time... GREAT SHOW!  - Bill Stephen, Executive Director of The Lied Center


"Combined with TADA Theatre’s talented cast, “Putnam” is a summer show that’s not to be missed. It’s one of TADA’s and director Robert D. Rook’s better efforts, and that’s saying something considering how many shows the local company has produced over the years." - Jeff Korbelik, Lincoln Journal Star

Gilligan's Island The Musical

"TADA did a terrific job with our show! Great people with vision and talent!" - Laurence and Hope Juber, show composer and lyricist

Avenue Q

"...the show is fabulous stage work"- John Cutler, Lincoln Journal Star

Driving Miss Daisy

"Lincoln’s TADA Theatre has had many shining moments in its first 15 seasons, and Thursday night might have been one of the brightest. Director Robert D. Rook and his team got the details right, from the set to the costumes to the music and lighting. This rich, poignant performance “Driving Miss Daisy” is must-see art." - Cindy Conger, Lincoln Journal Star

The Rocky Horror Show

"The cast of 10, directed by Robert D. Rook, puts on a non-stop spectacle, even in the close quarters of the TADA. All your favorite moments from the film are there, but beware veterans; the production has a few surprises up its sleeve, too. If you loved the music before, it sounds even better with the TADA casts’ mighty vocals." - Jeff Korbelik, Lincoln Journal Star

Lend Me A Tenor

"Lend Me A Tenor is a fun show because it relies on many types of comedy to engage the audience. In the end, its success relies on the cast and whether it can master those genres. This cast did a nice job under vocal coach Cris Rook and director Robert Rook, and the audience showed its appreciation with rapturous applause.” - Jodi Fuson, Lincoln Journal Star


It's The Housewives!

What a great job TADA has done with "It's The Housewives!".  It was a fabulous opening - it really "cleaned up"!  It's a treat to come to Lincoln and see the show done with such talent and enthusiasm.  - Hope Juber and Ellen Guylas creators of It's The Housewives!

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