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Find Out About Auditions At The TADA Theatre

We love meeting new talent as well as seeing veteran actors and working towards the same goal of connecting our community with the positive power of theatre in a safe and creative environment. If you would like to be put on the auditions list for updates regarding future casting opportunities, please email a list of stage experience and photo to and we will contact you. Also please check our Facebook or Instagram pages for audition opportunities.


Video Auditions

Not all auditions at The TADA Theatre are done in person. For better time management we often ask for video auditions to be submitted. All you need to do is to film yourself singing approximately two minutes of a song that best showcases your talent and email it, along with a resume and headshot to A video shot from your phone is fine as long as the quality is good. You can do this at anytime so we have it on file.


The Live Audition Process At The TADA Theatre

We know auditions can be nerve-racking. Occasionally we do have live auditions for some of our shows. At TADA we want you to enjoy your audition experience, so we make the audition process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible in a safe and creative environment. We also understand that everyone approaches theatre from an array of backgrounds and experience. Most of the first round of auditions are done just in front of members of the production team, not a large group of others auditioning. We keep the process professional, but take time to get to know you and you get a chance to know more about the production team. At the callbacks is when we begin to have actors read in larger groups. Come prepared and have fun!

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If being on stage is not for you or if you have an array of interests in theatre, please let us know! We welcome backstage talent to the TADA family! Let us know what areas of theatre are of interest to you by emailing our production manager at We are happy to welcome you!

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